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Welcome To Kashmir - 237 Freeman Street, Grimsby, NE Lincolnshire DN32 9DW


Specialities We stock a huge range of fragrances including essential oils and perfume oils; we specialise in exotic incense from India, Nepal and Tibet plus English foil wrapped incense. Our mystic section is excellent with many crystals, tarot cards, crystal balls, wands, runes and a great selection of fantasy cards for all occasions. We have Rosary and Mayla prayer beads; relaxation music, we have ornaments and keepsakes for Buddhism and some Hindu deities. Our 'ethnic boutique' section is very well stocked, we have a fabulous range of fair trade hippy guy and chick clothing and also garments from South America and Nepal. Wood carvings from around the globe are also a specialty of ours; beautifully hand crafted from Bali and Thailand to name a few, we also sell masks and various other wall hangings and a huge selection of Native American Dreamcatchers, Smudge Sticks and Windchimes. We are an Aladdin's cave of ethnic, alternative and mystic products - plus much, much, more! And of course we have the best smoking requisites collection anywhere on the East Coast including Acrylic and Glass Waterpipes, Vaporisers, CBD Oils, Papers, rips and tips! Established in 1980. KASHMIR started out as a small back street hippie shop, based on the 1960s and 1970s hippie trail from India and through to Nepal and Tibet, full of culture from these regions of the world through to Morocco and on to South America. This is the theme that has run through the shop from its humble beginnings right through to the present day. Now relocated, some 20 years ago, to its present position on the high street KASHMIR is still on the cutting edge of new age whilst still keeping with its traditional roots. With its vastly expanded range, KASHMIR is a worthwhile experience with its laid back and fragrant eastern atmosphere. It's a must for all free thinking and alternative minded people. Also with its body piercing studio at the rear of the shop plus its ethnic and alternative fashion section it's a worthwhile visit for anyone looking for that something different. We have brought you just a taste of this on our new webshop, so welcome to KASHMIR, Grimsby, England.