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Triple Goddess Tarot Cards


Imagine if you could talk to the divine. What questions would you ask? Picture the wisdom and knowledge they give you during your conversations. You can talk to them, using Tarot.

Tarot is a conduit to connect you to that higher power: the maiden, mother, and crone – the triple aspects of the goddess. This deck is a powerful tool to help guide you into the mystic journey of the creation of a goddess from childhood to reincarnation.

The Fool represents the narrator, the divine inspiration, bearing witness to the teachings of the triple goddess. The first seven majors depict the tests that the maiden goes through to become a mother. The second seven cards describe the mother’s journey. Finally, the last seven cards show how the crone deals with her stage of life, and returning back home to the divine source.

The Minor Arcana take on one aspect of the Witches Pyramid: to know, to dare, to will, and to keep silent. Listen to the wisdom this deck has to offer. Ask questions. Listen to the stories the cards tell.

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